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Happy Kids Huddle

Child Advocacy

Services to Suport Children

Foster Children's Bill of Rights

Children's Rights

This organization uses the law to hold governments accountable and defend thousands of kids when foster care systems fail.  they have secured court orders for child welfare reform.  Visit

Oregon Foster Youth Connection

This organization's mission is the improve the foster care system through advocacy, activitism and leadership.  Visit

Foster Care Omsbudsman

The office of the Foster Care Omsbudsman is an independent resource to investigate complaints, concerns or violations of rights for children in the custody of DHS care.  Call 1-855-840-6036


CASAs are Court Appointed Special Advocates for foster children. They know and speak for the best interests of the child they are assigned to in and out of the court room.

Wyldwoodz Resource Center

Wyldwoodz Resource Center offers support and collaborative advocacy to families with children with challenging behaviors. Their goal is to give children (and their parents!)the skills they need for a better tomorrow! Call541.420.5762 or email them at for more information!

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