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Drawing Together

Training and Educational Resources

Resources that make it easier to continue to stay certified.

Foster Parent

This online on-demand training site offers unlimited training for $15-$30 a year.

Foster Parent

This site has a great collection of affordable on-demand onine training.  They have training on just about every topic you can think of!  This site is worth checking out! A site that accumulates training and educational resources for foster parents.

Foster Parent Inservice Training

A site that accumulates training and educational resources for foster parents.

Center For Improvement Of Child And Family Services

 This site offers online training sessions, usually 2 or 3 per month.  These training sessions are free to foster and adoptive parents.


Cenpatico offers free online training for foster and adoptive parents.  Their training sessions are interactive and informative, most of them are set up in a 4 part series format that you would attend once per week.

Family Resource Center

Family Resource Center of Central Oregon strengthens and supports family relationships by serving as the Central Oregon source for parenting education, information and resources. Their website contains a wealth of information about training, parenting workshops and other resources for families.

The Post Institute

The Post Institute provides a love based family-centered approach to parenting children with challenging behaviors.

Book Recommendations

Did you know that reading books counts as learning credits towards your Foster certification? Check out a listing of book reommendations with the parameters for qualification.

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